There are many memories of being kids- crying in pain as we devoured plates of jerk chicken or hot curry. Flavours so good that we willingly subjected ourselves to this fiery experience. Being West Indian there weren’t a lot of foods that we ate that didn’t have enough Scotch Bonnet Pepper to burn off your taste buds. This was our culture and our parents
expected us to embrace it. A couple of decades later and we don’t even eat popcorn without some pepper sauce on it!

A burning mouth is a rite of passage that we’ve fully embraced!

We grew up in a very proud Jamaican household in Richmond, BC. It was always important to our parents that we not only knew our Canadian culture, but our Jamaican culture. This meant many trips back so we could emerse ourselves in our heritage. Our family hails from two very different parts of the island. Kingston – the capitol – where we learned to sing and dance to reggae music! But we also have our roots in a small little town in the hills of Westmoreland called Seaford Town. It is from these hills that we’ve enjoyed an abudant supply of Yam, Dashene, Breadfruit, Mango, Pineapple, Coconut, Eatiotte Apple and best of all – Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Pepper!

Over a life time we’ve brought back peppers from all over Jamaica. We use fresh pepper in everything we cook- and we make pepper sauce to put on everything we eat! We’re lucky to live in BC where everyone enjoys being Canadian while still embracing and sharing the culture that brought them here. Goldson Gardens is honoured to share our culture with you.


We make our hot pepper sauce with fresh Jamaican Scotch Bonnet peppers that are known for their heat and distinctive fruity flavours. Homemade sauce locally produced in British Columbia Canada, with fresh ingredients that produce intense, unique flavours. Bold spice, Big flavour. Drizzle over everything.

Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce

The staple of the Jamaican Diet. Every West Indian home has at least one bottle of Scotch Bonnet Sauce. This sauce was kept simple, with plenty of peppers to give you a full dose of heat and the wonderful flavour of Scotch Bonnet.

Goes well with everything!

Curry Mango

We took one of our favourite fruits – curried it – peppered it and made sauce with it! The result is a sweet, savoury sauce that will leave you yearning for more.

Goes well with fish, meat and starchy vegetables

Red Chile

We are quite fond of Mexican cuisine. One day we asked ourselves what if we took some delicious chile sauce and gave it a little Caribbean flare?! That was the day when Chile met Bonnet. This sizzling sauce will make you feel like you’ve gone to Mexico to Jamaica and back!

Goes well with pasta, beef, cheese and more

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